Caunseling Unit

Counseling Unit of KPMAM offers Counseling and Advice Servicers in a professional way to  nurture the academic excellence. The aim is to ensure a partially professional, well balanced mentally, spiritually and physically individual. Furthermore, the counseling unit also focuses on the prevention of negative behavior from happening or repeating and to develop the potential of students and staff.

The services available are :

·         Rehabilitation Counseling

·         Enrichment Counseling

·         Individual Counseling

·         Group Counseling

Forms for Counseling Services :

·         Individual Counseling form

·         Group Counseling form

·         Workshop attendance form


Mrs. Siti Sarah binti Bahari
Mr. Khairul Azwan bin Mat Amin


Academic Calendar

Programmes Offered

  1. Diploma In Accountancy
  2. Diploma In Business Studies
  3. Certified Accounting Techinician