Industrial Training

Industrial Training is a compulsory course for all KPMAM students.

The duration of the training is twelve (12) weeks in Semester 6 after completion all the courses required by the programme. During Industrial Training (ITR), the student is supervised by the external supervisor at the particular organization and the supervisor at the college. Coordination between the industrial and college supervisors may be established should the need arises.

Upon completion of the training, the industrial supervisor will submit an evaluation report relating to the student’s performance. Formatted by KPM, the report assesses the student’s discipline, punctuality, interest, participation, leadership skills, general skills, development and interaction at the industry.

The maximum attempts for ITR is two (2) attempts only. Only students having passed ALL courses for the program within the maximum period of seven (7) semesters will be allowed to undergo Industrial Training. A DTP status will be given to any students who fail to do so. 

Academic Calendar

Programmes Offered

  1. Diploma In Accountancy
  2. Diploma In Business Studies
  3. Certified Accounting Techinician