Client Charter


·         New students registration will be completed within 30 minutes per student


·         Each new student will be provided with a Student Guidebook and a Program Study Guidebook on their registration day


·         Ensure all complete documents related to students allowances be sent to Finance Division within 15 working days after the registration day


·         Examination results will be given to returning students on their registration day


·         All claims by staffs and suppliers will be settled within 14 working days of receipt of the complete documents


·         Phone calls will be answered within 3 rings


·         Clients will be entertained within 15 minutes of their arrival


·         Lecturers’ class schedule will be distributed to them 1 week before academic session starts


·         Lecturers’ observation schedule will be distributed to them on the first week of each academic session


·         All information needed by the Trust Holders will be entertain within one week of receipt of request

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