KIK (Kumpulan Inovatif & Kreatif) :



Tuntutan Aktiviti Siswa Kolej Pantas (Swift Completion of Student Claims)

1st Impression



The objective is to ensure a smooth process of the claims for compensation and to reclaim the ASK compensation quickly.



Smart Master File



Provides the uniformity of notes and other references as well. Facilitates lecturers to refer to them, especially new lecturers and lecturers assigned to teach a course they have not taught previously. 


The Musollah Project

Wonder Ladies (2017)


Provides a place for ‘ibadah’ for female lecturers on the second floor. This room also serves as a conducive place to further enhance the teachings of Islam among female staff in KPMAM.




Aymo Business Simulation
Aymo Business Simulation


Provides students with the fundamentals of the management of a company and hands-on trading. It also serves as a platform for students to be ready for future careers and business.



The Punch Card Relocation Project

1st Impression


Aims at reducing the time taken to punch a card and lessen the possibility of congestion during peak periods.






Facilitates visitors and KPM Ayer Molek staff to get various information related to the college.



Programmes Offered

  1. Diploma In Accountancy
  2. Diploma In Business Studies
  3. Certified Accounting Techinician

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